PPC Plans


Know what you are paying for

The PPC Pacakges are intelligently crafted with all the required ingredients based on your business need. However, you can claim any of the above-mentioned features, as per the package you have applied for.


We ensure, in all our package, you recieve:

Geo Targeting

Businesses want to target their ads locally so that they only get notifications of what’s happening in their region. We can assist you with targeting more places than just your region. There are various geo targeting options available, including worldwide coverage or a specific location that you have pinpointed as an ideal market for your product.

Keyword Research

Keywords are important when working online. The more you have, the easier it is for your product or service to be seen by others on the web. We’ll work with keywords in your niche area and analyze what other people may be searching. This way, we can tell if those keywords have the potential to bring you message to a larger audience.

Scheduling Ads

We help you find the best times for your campaigns to run. Some businesses may benefit from weekend exposure more than others and we’ll be sure to reflect scheduling changes as needed to reach your target audience at the right times.

Negative Keyword Optimisation

To ensure your PPC advertising accounts are operating at peak performance, you need a partner who will not only uncover the most highly converting keywords possible but also identify those keywords that could actually be hurting your existing campaign, to help boost your PPC profits


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