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As a multi-disciplinary team that works to benefit the clients, we have exciting ways to get your online reputation shooting stars. Our strategists will offer you such highly qualified methods for implementations that your business will succeed in no time.

Are you stuck at a point where your startup or middle-sized business is not getting heed from the traffic? Well, your problems have found a solution. We are here for you with affiliate programs to help you achieve the goals.

Get Paid for your Business Circle

Web Premium is now offering Partner Program which is exclusively for those individuals, who think can capitalise on the potential business owners around them by offering them our service and have their share of profit, per every conversion.

Domains You Can Consider

We only take on the projects we think can help. Here is the list of Industries you can acquire projects from.

  • Consultancies

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  • Transportation

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  • Food Chain

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  • Automobiles

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  • Education

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  • Real Estate

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  • Retail Services

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  • Health Care

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Join Our Partner Program

Now You can join our Referrel Partner program in 3 simple Steps. If you think you have Business People around you, whom you think can be benefitted from Our Digital Marketing Services. Why not Get Rewarded for the Opportunity?

Become a Partner

You sign up for the partnership program with us. You will become our partner for the agreed program. Upon discussing some agreements, we will be able to reach a mutual basis for the contract. Sign up here

Refer a Client

Once you become our partner, help us get potential clients. There are rewards you will recieve as you land credible clients towards us.

Get Rewarded

If we get potential clients through your reference, you will be rewarded for your effort as per the decided percentage.

Why Partner With Us

Want to have a Luxury of Passive income, as your additional Income Stream? We can support you and are willing to invest in you if you are ready to take action with us. We dont require any investment, but just some action, alligned in the right direction. Here You have nothing to lose and everything to gainHave a look at some of the Major Benefits:

  • DFY Email Templates

    to effortlessly attract your Prospect

  • Facebook and Social Media Blueprint

    A Helpful Guide

  • Necessary Marketing Materials

    to easily spread the word.

  • Exclusive Discounted Pricing of our Digital Services for your Company.

    Special Discounted Deals at your Disposal

  • A Fine One-off Pay for One time Digital Services

    such as Website Design Service

  • Presentation of Detailed Audit for your Refered Client

    Such as Website Performance Audit, Social Media Audit, SEO Audit

  • Free Consultation of Digital Services

    In case if Client requires a walk-through of any of digital marketing services

  • 30 days cookie-period

    If your referred client doesn’t make a purchase right away and fulfills it after some days, you still get a commission if the purchase is done anytime within a month period.

How Much You Earn

It is important to track your earning potential and capitalise on the available opportunity to pick up the best affiliate payment plan for your stream 

Level Base

Your pay increases as your level increases, on the basis of a lifetime as per the following criteria

Seller Level: No. of projects referred, in total = % of commision per sale

Level 1 seller: 5 projects = 10%

Level 2 seller: 10 projects = 20%

Level 3 seller: 15 projects = 30%

Monthly Base

You achieve sale targets on monthly basis and get paid accordingly

No. of Projects referred on Monthly basis = % of commission per sale

1 – 2 projects = 10%

3 – 5 projects = 20%

5+ Projects = 30%

Fixed Pay

You sign up for a fixed bounty of 20% of the package per project(s)

What Does Your Prospect Get

Paired with our digital services, we aim to offer excellent customer satisfaction. Therefore, if you refer a friend who signs up for service from us, we’ll give him or her a special discount of up to 50%!


What is your Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program financially supports you for your effort of bringing converting customers. For each of your conversions, you get a commission.

Can just anyone join your Affiliate program?

We appreciate your consideration of joining our affiliate program. You can start promoting the program, once your account gets approved

I dont have a website. Can I still participate?

Yes you can participate, in many ways. You can promote our program via social platforms, emails, events, and word of mouth

What services are included in the Affliiate Program

We have currently included Web-designed Service. More Digital Services to be added soon in the Affiliate Program.

How much can I earn?

There are no limits applied in entertaining fresh leads. The more efforts you make, the more you can earn.

I dont have any marketing skills. Will you help?

Of course, we wouldn’t leave you on your own. You will be provided some necessary marketing materials, email templates, and some helpful guide to pave the way for your leads

How will I measure my efforts

After your account is approved, you will be provided with your specified credentials. You will be able to track statistics of your referred visitors in the Dashboard

What If my Referred Visitor doesnt buy right away, and fulfills the purchase after some days.

We have 30 days cookie-policy. You will still receive your commission, if the purchase is done anytime within a month period.


Let Us help You in your Online Growth. If  You still have got any unanswered Question, We ‘ll be pleased to Help

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